Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sassy New Do's!

Jeremiah's hair is unchanged, but he has grown a full beard this autumn. So there's that.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Finally Taking Devo's Advice

In June of last year, I was attuned to Reiki (I & II). I made mention of it in some post around here, but I don't have the patience to find it and reference it now. I did it because it seemed fun, and because Ellen had caused the tenacious, painful, itchy eczema that had been on my hands for a full 9 months to go away completely by giving me 2 5-minute hand-specific Reiki sessions. I figured I could use it on friends and family. So I went to this guy, and had an amazing day of study/attuning. I came home that night and gave everyone in the house (including the animals) Reiki.

Shortly after my attunements, I began to feel like I was meant to be doing it; there was a not-so-gentle tugging to make it my occupation. I found that annoying and unrealistic. Most people I know don't even know what Reiki is, how was I supposed to just drop everything I was doing and start earning a living off it? Besides, it's so easy, how could I charge for it? Still, I quickly became obsessed with the topic of energy, the human energy field, quantum physics, the meaning and power of symbols (Reiki uses symbols), and so on. I don't know how long it's been since I've read a work of fiction; it's like a sickness.

I went on with my real life, but the universe refused to leave me alone about the Reiki thing. One day, a few weeks after my attunements, I was heading into the house through the garden, carrying some groceries. A female robin literally dropped out of the sky in front of me, and began a frenetic zig zag all over the garden, trying to fly, hitting something, falling to the ground. I heard myself gasp "Oh no!" like I was freaking Snow White and I hurried to put down my bags. I cautiously stalked the injured bird around the garden until she became paralyzed with fear, and I could reach out to her. Her head was bent to one side, like she'd dislocated her...neck, I don't know. I cupped my hands over her and gave her Reiki for a couple minutes, she even let me touch her wings just a little. When I felt like she'd calmed down enough, I attempted to move out of the painful position into which I'd twisted myself while trying to reach her. As soon as I lifted my hands so I could move, she took off, and flew across my neighbors' yard as if she'd never been hurt. I watched to see if she'd crash into a tree or their shed, but no, she was airborne. I stood there, alone in my garden, ice cream melting in my shopping bag, jaw agape. I resigned myself to at least going back to get my master Reiki attunement, and to my delight, the universe let up on me a bit.

It took a year, but last June I went to this chick (I just wanted to change it up a bit) and officially became a Reiki master. That was a lot of fun, but then the tug to do it all the time became something more like a violent shove. I'd been thinking I couldn't leave my job, couldn't make this my own thing, couldn't couldn't couldn't...but then, I thought, if I wanted to, why didn't I? My job, for me, isn't fun anymore, and Reiki is. What is wrong with me that I would think I have to do the thing I don't like? I decided Devo was right. Freedom of choice is what I have.

I had no idea how I was going to go about it, but I did know I needed a different job, as mine couldn't be done part-time, and I really, really didn't want to commute anymore. So I decided what elements I wanted in a new job, that would allow me to moonlight as a Reiki practitioner, and I wrote those things on post-it's which I placed in key locations around the house. They said:

  • More money

  • Bike/walk to work

  • Great environment

  • Quit (my current job) by 11/16

  • December off

What the heck, I figured, since I was asking, I should include everything. So each time one of the post-it's came into view, I would pause and read the whole thing.

A couple weeks after I put the post-its up, I was working from home, and had some cause to be adjusted. Since she was so close (a mile from the house), I called my chiropractor to see if she could fit me in during my lunch break, which she did. When I went in, she pulled me aside before my adjustment and said something along the lines of "I am at the point at which I really need someone to manage this office [it's grown a lot in the past 2 years]. I wondered if you'd have any interest...? It would include a free place to practice Reiki, but I won't have this position ready until the beginning of the year."

Sooooo...long story short, after some intensive budget review, I took it. Part time. And I'm taking December off. It's not more money right off the bat (oh, how it's not) but my thinking is that I am now embarking upon a journey with uncapped potential, whereas, if I'd stayed at my old reliable job, I would most likely never have made any huge leaps in my standard of living. So, it's a bit scary, but also exciting, and I am happy. I am really going to like being happy.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Sarah, the Love Fairy

Found this on my pillow when I got home last night:

Catty Girls

This was Halloween! As has become tradition for us, mad props to Aunt Jo Jo for the costumes! Not pictured are the black press-on nails she also supplied.