Saturday, September 15, 2012

Odds and Ends

Jeremiah created a cheesy Wham! (redundant, I know) Pandora station, and the girls love it.  While we were listening to Careless Whisper, I told them about Weird Al's version, Hairless Sister.  I had to explain who both Marilu Henner and Yule Brynner were.  Then Pandora regaled us with Sinead O'Connor's Nothing Compares to You.  Speaking of a hairless sister!  I was telling Kate and Sarah about Sinead's shaved head and her doe-like blue eyes and perfectly shaped head.  "She can really pull off a shaved head, that one" I said.  Kate snorted and said "not like you".  I don't know why we spend so much time worrying about our children's self esteem, those little a-holes are chipping away at mine on a daily basis.

Kate joined Girls on the Run this semester.  It is a fantastic program for girls..on the run.  Talking about it inevitably gets Band on the Run stuck in my head, but I consider that a bonus.  Before it started in late August, Joy convinced both Kate and Sarah they should run with her on Saturday mornings, to get in shape.  I thought that sounded like fun so I joined them.  Now it's a weekly habit.  On Friday, after her GOTR workout, Kate complains that she's tired and doesn't want to run the next morning.  Then Saturday morning I force them to get up, and while Kate insists she's not running I make her get dressed in running clothes.  Joy, of course, has outfitted them both with adorable running attire from Target.  Then we warm up with a walk to the coffee shop, and Kate insists she's not going to run, then we meet Joy and we all run not quite a mile around a big, long block.  Then, after our intense workout, we reward ourselves with a tasty beverage and sometimes the kids get a scone.  We sit outside and chat with the parade of friends and neighbors who have a similar tradition.  I love it. Today Joy couldn't join us so we began our run at our house, changed the course, and ended it at the coffee shop.  They were thrilled with the change of course.  They were thrilled with the chai latte they shared.  They chatted up everyone there.  On the way home, we sipped our drinks and they listed all the things they appreciated about the day so far.  I have to write this stuff down, because I'll want to come in the office, close the door, and read it again when they're screeching like banshees at one another because they both want the same toy, even though they each have their own version of said toy.  Yes, this record will come in handy.

Yesterday I didn't bike, because Stephanie was out of town.  I walked Monkey instead.  When Kate and Sarah heard I was going to get up and walk Monkey, they wanted to come.  To my complete astonishment, they actually got up at 5AM, got dressed and out the door with me within 5 minutes and were pleasant.  I had to shorten my walk, but I didn't mind.  I've never seen two people so thrilled to see the neighborhood during its sleeping hours.  We watched a little oppossum run across Oakview and they haven't stopped talking about it a day and 1/2 later. 

This week, Jeremiah ran 2 5k's because, I assume, he needed a couple new shirts.  Also because he's a show-off.

Sarah just brought me a picture she drew of herself with a lightbulb over her head.  On it she wrote "Im smoirt".  I asked what it said and she replied "it says 'I'm smart'". 

And now you're caught up!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

I Arthur

Sarah:  How did you know that?
Me: I'm psychic.
Sarah: Oh,  coooooool!
Me: [Nods in agreement]
Sarah:  My mom's a sidekick!