Saturday, August 26, 2006


Here I will attempt to keep track of what the youngin's are up to for the sake of far-away family who don't get to see them much. Every day, there are a dozen little things I'd love to share, but I forget them. It's no surprise, I haven't slept in a month. My plan is to attempt to share them here before they slip my mind.

Let's briefly discuss the title of the blog. Here, "daily" is not meant to be taken literally. I will try to keep it up-to-date, but who are we kidding? It's remarkable that I manage to brush and floss daily. So please, no grousing if I go a few days in silence (ahem...Margie)

Today Sarah is one month old. She has colic. Here is a recent photo:

Kate has been playing with one of those toys where you put the shaped blocks in the proper holes. You know the ones. She was sitting with it on the kitchen floor, holding a triangle-shaped block. She was attempting to fit it in the correct hole, but she was holding the block wrong. I very carefully and slowly showed her how she needed to rotate the block to get it in the hole. Then I dumped all the blocks out and put the lid back on the toy. She picked up a block, examined it to determine the shape, then removed the lid and dropped it in with ease. I'm calling MENSA.

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Farrago said...

the police are stealing my ideas. i'll be hiding them here in this secret corner of the internet. first idea: paint-on clothing that washes off -- puffy to hide the naughty bits. washes off in the shower. convert all your closets to bomb shelters, gun racks, or safe rooms (from the police).

cute kids.