Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pearls from Kate

I've been absent for awhile but only because I've been out collecting tons of great blog fodder...now to find the time to get it all in here...

For now, though, I thought I'd share a few things Kate has regaled us with lately. She's a real charmer, that one.

Kate: I'm taking swim lessons at the YN cafe.
Joy: You mean the YMCA?
Kate: No, they have a cafe there, too.

Kate: [addressing the room upon returning from the potty at my parents' house] Boys have a penis and girls have a bagina. Daddy says you have to put your bagina away.

Me: [waving a hair brush and discretely chasing Kate around the room] Kate, would you like me to give you princess hair for your big party?
Kate: [indicating her tussled mass of blonde] No, I already have princess hair.

Me: [trying to persuade Kate to put on a tiara before we sang her happy birthday and let her blow out the candles on her cake at her birthday party] Don't you want to wear this tiara for the birthday song? You know, so we can all know whose birthday we're celebrating?
Kate: No, I don't want to get cake all over it!*

Rosellen is visiting for 10 days while her parents are in Ireland celebrating their 20th anniversary. She'd been in town for one day. We were all sitting in the kitchen, talking and preparing dinner and there was a little pause in conversation.
Kate: [to Rosellen] Don't you want to go home?

It was Kate's birthday and I was attempting to fill up some particularly truculent water balloons. Kate was making cupcakes beside me when I filled one, tried to remove it from the faucet and the water spurted everywhere.
Kate: [giggling and snorting] That was a good idea.

Jeremiah stopped off at the package store and picked up a case of beer prior to picking the girls up at daycare.
Kate: [climbing into the car and spying the beer on the floor beneath her seat] Is that beer, Daddy?
Jeremiah: Yes, that's beer.
Kate: Is that for Uncle Steve?

*It turns out this was actually a valid concern. How do kids get food in all those places?


Chaotic Joy said...

Hilarious! She's a riot. I am working on one of these for Ben.

Boomin' Granny said...

These are the very things which keep you from murdering your child! They are so dog gone cute!!

FlapScrap said...

So, Keith's a dullard. Why's he still padding about?