Friday, November 26, 2010

It Came Back Around on the Geetar

Another splendid Thanksgiving has come and gone, leaving a trail of leftovers in its wake. Yesterday was wonderfully un-stressful. The weather was nice, the turkey took exactly as long to grill as expected (this is unusual) and was so juicy it induced culinary orgasm. In addition to a bevy of sides I made a lot of dessert. I don't know, I just felt like baking.

In addition to Margie, Chris and Sonya visiting, we have Jake and Veronica. Jake is thrilled Veronica has someone new to play with, and Monkey and Veronica are in love. We don't have any Jake photos, because he thinks the camera will steal his soul. Some of these photos were taken by Kate.

1 comment:

Drunkle Steve said...

Kate is a good photographer! Looks like a great time. Save me a cookie.