Saturday, August 20, 2011

Girls' Night

Jeremiah left us all to go see My Morning Jacket with Steve way the heck up in Alpharetta. 'Where's Alpharetta?' you non-Georgian types might ask. It doesn't matter. It's OTP. Usually people just schlep out there to sit in a big, glass box all day so they can enjoy one another's company for an extended period of time on GA 400. Reportedly, though, this venue is very nice. I may never know.

We left a killer birthday party early so that Jeremiah could then leave our house early enough to get to the show. Neko Case is opening! Anyway, we'd explained to the girls ahead of time about how we might have to leave while the party was still going strong and they did, in fact, take our departure in Spartan-like strides. So, because we had to leave to GIANT Waterslide of Delight before cake and ice cream happened, I told them I'd make them cupcakes at home.

And so, when it was just us gals, after dinner, we threw on some Go-Go's (here's an entertaining side note: the Best of the Go-Go's? Jeremiah's purchase), and pulled out all the fun baking tools and ingredients. I had a lot of help compiling the cupcake ingredients, and still more making frosting. (In these photos they're singing "we got the beatERS" and dancing on the chairs). It was decided the frosting should be purple. Here, you'll notice, the frosting has a sickly gray tinge to it. Suffice it to say, there was a minor incident with the blue food coloring that resulted in this particular hue. The crowd was not dissuaded.

Why is Kate wearing long sleeves, boots and a fur vest? She's been reading Neil Gaimon's Coraline, and was also watching the movie this evening, and she felt this attire was her best Coraline look. She did complain of being warm, but was unmoved when I pointed out that her discomfort could have something to do with its being 90 degrees outside. I noticed, later, she did remove the vest. Anyhoo, we finished making our cupcakes and we all retired to the TV room, with a glass of milk, to watch the rest of Coraline together, along with the dogs.

On an unrelated note, Sarah likes to use my camera. Here are some examples of her photographing prowess:
(I'm fond of Chihuahua with Coffee myself)

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