Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not it!

These days, when I say things like "the shoe basket is empty, but surrounded by shoes, please clean it up, girls" to my children, they invariably say, in turn, "I didn't do it!" I don't need that at home, I get enough of it at work.

Yesterday, I was setting up a movie for Sarah to watch while Kate was finishing her homework. When I found the DVDs out of their cases and spread all over the place in the TV room I commented that we all should be more careful to put these things away when we're finished watching them. Sarah said "I didn't do it!" and I heaved a heavy, end-of-the-day-tired sigh. "It doesn't matter, Sarah" I tried (again) to explain. "It just matters that we take care of our stuff, all of us." Then, because it was bugging me, I threw in "I'm so tired of you girls constantly shirking responsibility for stuff." To that, Sarah replied "I didn't do that!"

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