Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Goose is Getting Fat (I MIGHT be the Goose...)

Apparently the best way to become unbelievably busy is to take a full month off from working. My days still begin around 5AM, and I haven't even taken a single nap. I really thought there would be some napping. So, all the house de-cluttering, Christmas-preparing, new website content researching and general errand-running have kept me from updating the blog. I shall attempt to catch you up on the the exciting lives of Kate and Sarah. Today, we will go waaaaaaay back to two days after Thanksgiving, when we took a scenic train ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway's Santa Train.

Grandma Provost contracted a rhino virus just before we were scheduled to head to the train, so she stayed home an knitted (like a proper grandmother) while we headed to the north Georgia mountains to meet the Grinch, Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Frosty and some elves. I highly recommend this sort of thing to anyone with wee children. Dare I use the word "enchanting"? I dare. We sang carols and Santa paid a visit to each child, instead of all the kids having to wait in a longass line. The elves passed out jingle bells and candy canes and there was much drinking of hot cocoa.

After the train ride, we headed into downtown Blue Ridge for some grub. It's a cute little town center; the place was jam packed with revelers. We thought the kids would we tired enough to pass out during the long drive home, but sometimes you just don't get lucky.


Uncle J said...

LOVE the picture of floating Sarah.

Jeremiah said...

Hmmm, blogger has the wrong profile. Annoying.