Monday, January 09, 2012

I Dropped the Ball Before the Ball Dropped

Yeah, I know, I was going to keep track of the kids' winter break here and I didn't. So sue me. Here's a couple fun photos from Christmas morning, though! We had a wonderful Christmas. It's always fun to have far-away family visit, and we encourage all of you to do just that - as often as you possibly can. That having been said, Christmas with just the 4 of us was mindblowingly nice. We were up at 6ish, well before the sun, and then it turned out that the sun wasn't planning to get up at all. It rained and rained and rained all day. We reveled in it! Sarah asked if we could wear our pajamas all day and we enthusiastically declared that we most certainly could and then went right ahead and did exactly that.

Santa brought each girl a My Twinn doll, and they fit into the household right away, especially that day, because we were all lounging about, only bending our arms and legs when someone positioned them for us. It was, as expected, really fun to watch them open those gifts. Big smiles! Kate changed the name of her doll at least 4 times in the first 2 days. I think she's currently named Chloe. Sarah named hers Sophia. We did not photograph the girls opening all the wonderful gifts everyone sent to them, but know this - they loved the goods. They were sugared up and from the word go, when they pounced on their stockings, which contained plenty of crappy chocolate, and ate most of their contents before Jeremiah and I had filled our coffee cups the first time. After that, it was a lovefest for every item they opened. So, if you sent them something this holiday season, I can assure you they said "I love it!" with house-shaking gusto upon unwrapping it.Christmas dinner was cooked in the crockpot. We spent the day chatting with loved ones via phone, eating everything in sight, and reading all our new books. Writing about it now, I'm wishing I could have that day again. Ah, yes, good stuff. The pets had a nice day, too, because there was a lot of lap-sitting opportunities for them throughout the day. I hope everyone's Christmas was at least as relaxing and snuggly.

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