Monday, February 06, 2012

Another Scandal

At the chiropractor/wellness center where I now not only maintain awesome health but also work, a massage therapist named Sara operates. There's also a chiropractor named Kate, so they have Kate and Sara, too. Anyway, Sara's terrific and Jeremiah and I consider a massage by her a great treat. We have, from time to time, overlapped massage time with adjustment time and the girls have been granted admittance to the massage room while Jeremiah's on the table, just about to begin his massage, just so they can say hi and try to figure out exactly what is going on in there. Since the only thing we ever take off for an adjustment is our shoes, the kids find the whole scene a little weird.

So, the other day the kids and I were getting adjusted and the talk came around to the exciting news that Sara is pregnant with her third baby. Lots of happy jibber-jabber from all the grown-ups about, then our own Sarah, trying to place our topic of conversation, asked "is that the lady that makes daddy naked?" Loudly. In a room full of people. What's to be said but "Yes. That's her"?

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Rusty said...

The only weird thing about this story is that it seems Jeremiah may want to use protection while at the massage therapist from now on.