Saturday, February 16, 2013

Changing It Up

Hello gentle readers.  Perhaps you've noticed (but more likely you've been too busy on Facebook to care) that I haven't been here for a while.  It's true, the Daily Spawn has been neglected.  Primarily because the actual spawn are very time-consuming.  It's hard to believe I've been keeping this blog since Sarah was a few weeks old and now she's 6 and 1/2 years old.  That's a lot of blogging about the kids.  They're both reading now, and they sometimes read this blog.

So, during this unplanned blogging hiatus, I've been thinking about what I want to do with this thing.  I've spent all this time maintaining a blog about the kids for (primarily) their family.  I have decided now that I will switch things around a bit, and make it a blog about their family, for the kids.  I know they'll want to know more about who we all were before they made the scene, because I wish I knew more about my parents and grandparents and various other relations as, you know, humans.  And so, I invited my own parents to share some of their stories here, for the love of their grandchildren (and for me, because I've been asking them to write this stuff down for years now).  I intend to invite their other grandparents to do the same, but I've been too lazy to pick up the phone and call them.  That is, I know, a recurring theme in my life. 

I thought my folks would be an easy get, but they really hemmed and hawed about it.  Mom tried to tell me she's too busy, but I didn't let her get away with that non-sense.  Dad's objection was one with which I couldn't argue.  He doesn't want to share his stories with The Internets.  And so, my friends, I had to give a little to get a little.  I will have to take the blog down and make it private if I want the goods.

If you're legally family, or if I can make a stirring case for considering you family (for example, if you've ever rushed me or mine to the hospital, bailed one of us out of jail or have incriminating pictures of any of us - most likely Jeremiah), I will send you an invitation to view the blog with a password.  I think you should take me up on it, because given my dad's hesitance to share tales of his misspent youth in public, I think we might get lucky and find out he at least knows the location of a body. 

Before I go dark, here's what the girls are up to:
Kate:  recovering well from near death encounter with asthma, followed by stay in PICU at Egleston, followed by 5-hour puking party one week later, which we all finally agreed was probably her body (literally) purging the myriad drugs from the asthma business, not a virus.

Sarah:  recovering nicely after losing a quick game of Chicken with a tree.  She also enjoyed the hospitality of Egleston's ED, but was not broken of jaw, as we feared due to the extreme swelling and her unusual level of panic (Sarah's pass time is falling down and/or into things, so when she was bloodied and screaming this time, and showed no interest in the frozen yogurt she'd just acquired, we knew shit was real). 

Now that everyone is healthy and safely scabbed over, we are able to enjoy the girls'  winter break.  Why yes, they did have a winter break for more than two freaking weeks back at Christmas time, but apparently a few weeks of school is just more than the kids can take and they need to rest again.  In my day, we got about 10 days for the holidays and sucked it up until Easter, when all we got was Good Friday for a spring break because we'd invariably used the rest of that week for snow days.  
But I digress. 
Yesterday I hung out with the little ladies and shocked them by declaring it treat day and allowing them to consume nothing but absolute crap all day long.  Seriously.  For dinner I made them pop corn (from a local farm, though!) and then we had hot cocoa.  We took a long walk outside, played at the park, had Pub Frites at Leon's for lunch, walked home, had a spa adventure with turmeric mud masques that they loved so much they put all over their bodies and ran around giggling while I gasped and said "don't touch that!" over and over.  Then, skin supple and glowing, we watched MegaMind while eating our popcorn dinner.  February was supposed to be a no TV month and the kids are not allowed to have food or beverages in the TV room, so, this was kind of a big deal.  And now you're up to date!  I bid some of you a fond adieu. 


Aunt So-So said...

Au revoir, Pee-wee!

Aunt So-So said...
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Brooklyn Volunteer said...

I'll miss this blog. It was absolutely delightful.

Kevin said...

So, how do we go about submitting our submissions? I have a lot to say. For the children.

LMP said...

Send `em to me. It seems easier than making everyone an author.