Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sarah's birthday party

"I'm tired. Let's do something very low-key for Sarah's party, keep it really simple" I'd said. Jeremiah agreed. Summer is rough. So we decided we'd invite a few kids and fill up the pools and then just sit back and drink a few beers. A relaxing plan, in theory.

We ended up with, by my last count, 40 people at our house. We filled the pool Kate got for her first birthday and the pool Kate got from Cindy and Jessica at her last birthday. We made snacks. We ordered pizza. We had enough beer for a 4-hour party instead of 2 hours. I made a Dora cake that seemed to get as out of hand as the gathering. We had a blast. I'm still tired.

I've got some 30 or so photos on a flickr set to share here but it's been so long since I've used flickr I've forgotten how to link it. While I re-figure-that-out, here's a couple to give you a flavor of the day.


Boomin' Granny said...

Looks exactly like a laid back, relaxing party!!
What fun! The Dora cake is fantastic! I'll bet Sarah was thrilled with it. I sure don't see any water-fearful kids in the pool.
I'm sure your boss will understand when you tell him you need a week off to recover, don't you?

karen said...

Your cakes amaze me! If someone wanted a hockey cake, I would either make a round one with black icing (puck) or a rectangular one with white icing and blue & red lines drawn on (rink). You would make a rectangular rink, but would also add nets and twelve players, in team uniforms, of course. You totally lap me at cakes.

LMP said...

Awh, thanks Karen! You're right about the hockey cake. In fact the mere mention of it has made me start to think about how I would go about creating such a thing. That would be a good one to do as an ice cream cake...if I could work in a deep freeze walk-in, that is.