Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All That Flack and Not One Stinking Photo!

I know. First, we were very, very busy. It's this parenting, working, housekeeping business, it's keeping us from the things that matter. Blogging. I was so thrilled when the lenses arrived, I couldn't wait to begin photographing my adorable children and posting those photos here again. Here's the thing, though. Since the lenses arrived the kids haven't been cute at all. I've been walking around with the camera everywhere I go, just waiting. Usually they do something cute, you know? Not in the past week or so. They've been decidedly uncute.

No giggling. No dancing or singing. No dressing up in ridiculous outfits and declaring themselves ruler of this or that nation. Kate has not been sounding out words and "reading" to her sister. No one has been serenading the pets. Sarah never pretended to be The Giant, stomping around and saying "Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English muffin!" That did not happen. Trust, me, if any of it had, I'd have a photo of it. I'd have ten photos of it and one would be my new laptop wallpaper. What can I tell ya, who doesn't have an occasional ugly week? I once went a full 10 days only glowering and all that time the hem of my skirt was tucked into the waist of my pantyhose in the back. No one wants pictures of that.

Ok, I haven't been entirely honest with you here. The truth is I just haven't had the camera out. I really have been busy. I'll get to it. I took a few photos tonight, just in case you needed a reminder of what the girls look like (OH how they've grown!) and something is wrong with iPhoto and it won't import the photos. That part's true. Now I have to fix that. One more thing on my to-do list. So hold your horses, alright? I'll get back to this, I swear.


FlapScrap said...

You wear pantyhose? Or is that a lie. Too.

LMP said...