Friday, January 01, 2010

Finally. Ten.

Happy New Year!!!!

Whew, that was a long one, wasn't it? Escalating unemployment, the insurance fracas, not to mention elsewhere in the world war, famine, systematic rape of villagers, riots, governmental oppression. Of course, that stuff happens most years somewhere. I don't think it helps 2009's case, though. On the home front, I discovered I have a nasty allergy to wheat, caught the swine flu, fell down my stairs and my dog died. I'm working on the blues song now. Lots of good stuff happened, too, but it doesn't work well with the blues riff.

We rang in the new year with Sonya, Chris, Steve, Joy (all of whom lost a beloved dog in 2009, too) and our next door neighbors, Allison and Charlie (they had to leave early to put their adorable 9-month-old to bed). We had a Buena Noche dinner (yeah, a week late, but it was still a Good Night), thanks to our Cuban ambassador, Sonya. It was delicious. We worked our way through a fair amount of beer and wine while I did Tarot readings for the family. I've been avoiding doing my own reading because I did a throw for myself on my birthday that was so delightful I just want to ride that one out.

Now we are done with 2009. Ten is a nice, round number. In the Tarot deck the ten is the Wheel of Fortune, a card that symbolizes the mysteries and magic of every day life from why spring follows winter to why some people prosper while others languish to the most mundane of life's little events. Why, for example, do the garbage men drag our trash bin nearly into our neighbor's yard before letting it go or leave it right in the middle of the base of the driveway so we can't even pull the car in? What did we do?

Where was I? Oh yes, this ten is often about letting it be and relaxing in one's surroundings for once. You might think you control it, but you don't, so let it go already. The minor arcana cards, from which today's playing cards were derived, all end go up to 10 (unless you consider the Ace to be last, in which case these all go to eleven. For everyone else, ten is just louder.) Nevertheless, the feeling is that ten is a notable point, a bit of completion of something.

Why do I mention this when I know you don't care at all? It's more for me, really, and isn't that the true spirit of blogging? When I learned it was wheat that was causing my crippling fatigue and itchy, cracked, painful hands, I probably pouted about that for a solid 2 months. Fine, three. You could make an argument for four, it's true... I continue to berate myself for letting Lola get out and run into the street. I even thought it was probably my fault I caught the flu that resulted in a cough so odious I bruised my ribs on one side.

I've thought a lot on the topic of resolutions. This year, taking to heart the message of the Wheel (not the Vanna White one, though this one does require you to fill in the blanks in a metaphorical manner), I will work to be more receptive of my outside world, and spend less time in my head, chewing everything to an unrecognizable mass of malcontent. Who am I kidding? I lead a charmed life. In 2010, I will embrace that and be grateful every day. I'll move from the Blues to Jazz. I'm thinking a bit of Monk for today, specifically.

May your year bring unexpected delights and more importantly, may you notice them!


The Plaid Sheep said...

Happy New Year to you! And thank goodness.

We are ruminants aren't we, chewing our mental cud over and over. You'd think that after it tasted awful the first time around we would let it go. This is clear evidence against Intelligent Design. Or maybe our brains were jobbed out to the lowest bidding outside contractor.

FlapScrap said...

I'm listening to Sonny Rollins and sipping Macallan 12 as I read this post. Thanks, and happy new year, sweet sister!