Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Spa Day

Kate and Sarah have a copy of Fancy Nancy: Ooh La La It's Beauty Day! and they love it. I believe one of them received it as a birthday present and I am equally certain I never sent out a proper thank-you note for it. I apologize; I failed miserably at that this year. Anyway, we read this one a lot. Fancy Nancy sets up a spa in her back yard and treats her mother to all manner of pampering in it. Kate and Sarah decided they should host a spa day. This, of course, meant that I was to provide the pampering, but I was okay with that, as it promised to be easier to clean up afterward.

So, we made plans with Catherine, Margaret and Ella to have a special spa experience on Labor Day, in our kitchen and surrounding areas. I put together a Pandora station that included mainly Enya and Air to force us to relax. I dimmed all the lights in the house, and lit all the scented candles. I made a watermelon scented sugar scrub, a facial wash, mashed some watermelon and extra-ripe banana, decoratively arranged all the nail polish we own and we were in business. Kate was a customer but also a helper. She massaged Catherine's feet for her, and strummed her guitar in a relaxing (not really) manner.

We did facials with the watermelon and banana. We did foot baths and everyone got a mani/pedi. Everyone except Ella, who preferred to watch and leaf through the fabulous magazines in the waiting area. After the spa treatments, we repaired to the dining room where spa food (strawberry, granola and yogurt parfaits) was served, and I read the Fancy Nancy book aloud to our guests.

The girls then all agreed they should watch a movie while their skin glowed. Kore and I went back to the kitchen and drank the pitcher of mojitos Jeremiah'd made us. He uses fresh mint, you know. Jeremiah joined us for this portion of the day, as did Brendan. I enjoyed giving the girls facials (Kore did all the nail work for me), but I must say the mojito portion of the day was my favorite.

Later that evening, Steve and Joy came over for dinner and brought with them...wait for it...
the kitten Joy found in their back yard! He was not yet successfully named, though they're leaning toward Jimmy. This kitten is probably about 7 weeks old, and he is totally chill. Unfazed by all the activity and the other pets, Probably Jimmy would climb up on a shoulder and snuggle down for a nap. Monkey really wanted to play with him, and he let Monkey have it, as Kate said "Maxy style!" (Later, Probably Jimmy met Max and learned exactly how Maxy Style is really done).

Probably Jimmy in action. Here we see Kate bringing back the 80s.


jennifer said...

oh. max is still alive? how wonderful. I have had 3 cats and a dog die in the past 15 months :(.

Would love it if you could email me some pics of Max, and if i hadnt said to Monkey and your girls are adorable. Tell Miah I say hi - does he have a blog?

For the pics my email is jennifercm@gmail.com

Please and thank you ;)

gdaddyp said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all. Good luck to baby jimmy - does he know that he's fallen in with a tough crowd?

Kevin said...

Snapshot of Sarah be mondo hilarious.

LMP said...

I love that Sarah shot. The cucumber was a little big for those tiny faces.

@Jeni - Max is still kicking! She has cancer, though. She's too mean to let it bother her much. I know she's featured in this blog a lot, so I went looking for posts yesterday while working and ended up wasting a good 45 minutes but not finding the right posts. I'll get there. Jeremiah does not have a blog. If he did, it would just contain lists of Phish bootlegs available for download.