Friday, June 17, 2011

The Bed is NOT Too Big Without You

See how these wee children as sleeping ever so sweetly in the middle of this bed together? Isn't it adorable? Yeah, no it's not adorable. Those two decided at around 4AM today that they "were scared" and needed to crawl into bed with us. See the tiny spaces on the edges of the bed beside each girl? It was to those tiny slivers of mattress that Jeremiah and I clung, hanging partially off the bed, stubbornly refusing to admit defeat or to acquiesce to the dogs' demands to be let out until about 5:15. At that point, I finally slid entirely off the bed and was no longer able to pretend I could sleep under those conditions. But there the sisters Drueke snoozed, unperturbed by lights or noise, until we literally dragged them out of the bed at 6:30. Monsters.


beapr said...

Oh, but they are SOOO cute! When they are all grown up and gone, you'll miss these days!!

Lady Epiphany said... your giant bed. With your spouse. Mmm.