Sunday, June 12, 2011


Kate was so excited for her birthday that she got out of bed at 10PM, when I was writing last night's post. Then she got up and came into our room again at 3AM, and I had to walk her back upstairs and tuck her back in and then try for 45 minutes to get back to sleep. Then she was up for good at 5:5oAM. I thought I was tired last night, but that was really nothing compared to how I feel now. Today, I have officially been exhausted for seven straight years.

It was a fun day. We hide the girls' birthday presents all over the house and the birthday girl has to hunt them all down. They love it. So, at 6AM, even before there was coffee, we were following Kate around the house with a big trash bag as she discovered each gift, tore it open, threw the paper carelessly in her wake and carried on. Then we went out to breakfast with Margie, Steve, Joy and our friend Bob. Then, all us girls went to get our nails done. Then it was time to fill up the pool Gram & Gramps gave Kate for her first birthday (it's still going strong!), and frolic with a couple friends. Then there was pizza. Then there was cake. Per our usual, we invited more adults than children. The adults allowed the kids to swim while we stood around drinking beer and the mojitos Jeremiah made using mint from our garden. We'd check in on the kids from time to time; it seems they're actually pretty adept at not drowning.

Kate wanted a Scooby Doo themed birthday. Joy made her a Daphne outfit, which I regret not getting a better photo of, but perhaps I can add one later. I made a Scooby cake (The Mystery Machine). Most of the photos we took are of that because for the rest of the day, we all forgot to pick up the camera.

Below are all the monster High dolls she received today. She's decided she's into those now...guess we're finally really done with princesses. Whew. Can't wait to drag myself into work in the morning. I feel a little sorry for Kate, I always hate the morning after my birthday, when I wake up and realize it's just an ordinary day.


Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Those things are hideous. It's Bratz meeting Halloween. O well. I'm dealing with Winx Club (fairy Bratz).

Aunt So-So said...

GREAT job on the cake! Looks like it was a fun day.

LMP said...

I kind of like the Monster dolls. It amuses me that Kate keeps bringing them to me and saying "can you reattach her hand?" She has all their hands mixed up, too. It's all fun and games until the puppy eats every last tiny plastic piece.