Sunday, July 17, 2011

Art in the Garden

Something died in one of the rain barrels Jeremiah and I made last spring. I'd been noticing a bad smell when I watered from that one, until it became a full-blown stench and then, when it finally eclipsed bong water in wretchedness, it dawned on me that I was smelling decomposition. So, I had no choice but to do what I needed to anyway, dump the barrel. They both needed a good hosing out, as I'd fallen off the schedule of throwing in the mosquito larvae killing doughnuts and things were sort of out of hand out there.

As Jeremiah and I aborted thousands of unborn mosquitoes, I decided it was time to do something more interesting with the plain, gray, BRUTE barrels I had accidentally placed in focal points of my garden. Then, I decided this improvement should be left to the children. Mostly. When they left for the beach I sanded and primed the barrels (now mosquito and carrion-free) and then I added a field of blue. Now the girls have returned to us, and today was a beautiful day, made right for barrel-painting. Here are a lot of photos of the artists and their work.


Unknown said...
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Kevin said...

Even with the handicap of having kids, you're a better parent than I am.

LMP said...

That's a parent.