Saturday, July 09, 2011

That Aint Right

Today the kids left for the beach with Steve and Joy. They were all hugs and kisses when they got up this morning (at 6AM) but when that car pulled into the driveway, Kate stopped mid-sentence and said "Gotta go" and ran out of the room. Sarah was waiting for them outside, and actually had herself all buckled up and ready to roll without even kissing me goodbye. I kept a stiff upper lip.

So today was our first day of freedom from kids! Whoooooo-hoo, party! We...let's see here...we got adjusted, hit a couple farmers markets, had a training session with the dogs, cleaned the kitchen and the girls' bedroom, did some laundry... Yes, it's been a non-stop throw down. Here is what our children are doing now:

And here's what we've been doing this afternoon:

Next, we'll go feed Steve and Joy's dogs and pick my bike up from the shop where it spent an entire week getting a tune-up. We did decide we'd go out to eat. And we have been cussing loudly right in the middle of the kitchen a lot. Well, I have, anyway; it's fun!

1 comment:

beapr said...

I think the girls have the better deal!
Maybe if you are VERY good you'll get to go to the beach next time!