Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Reason to Throw Down

Sarah wrote that note herself. She's getting pretty good at sounding out her words, plus, a few of those are sight words. I don't know why she stuck it to her face. I don't know what came over me, but the girls asked if they could have a Halloween party this year, and I said yes. I immediately began thinking of Halloween-themed foods I could serve. It's always about food. So anyway, today we partied. The girls helped me a bit. Sarah even vacuumed. Kate refused. I made scary ghosts (which also sort of looked like Klansman, but those are scary too, so I was alright with that), spiders (not shown for some reason), a pumpkin-shaped cheese ball, monster cupcakes, and mummified hotdogs, which are also not pictured, which makes me sad, because they were really cute. Jeremiah made chili for the grown-ups. Joy made guacamole because before they left town for the weekend, Brendan gave her 9 avocados. See that green icing on the monster cupcake? Made with avocados.

The kids painted their own coffins, enjoyed temporary vampire fangs, ate a lot of sugar, and bobbed for apples. There were only a few kids here, but they made an amazing mess, and a surprising amount of noise - so I consider the evening a huge success! We couldn't forget the camera, since we were at home, but did forget about the camera a lot, so this is only partially documented. We're missing entire people here. Still, you get the idea...

No one was instructed to give me the thumbs up, but I guess everyone really wanted the camera to know all was well.

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