Sunday, October 09, 2011

To the Woods!

Next weekend, we are going camping. This will be the girls' first camp-out. I am very excited. We're heading up to Carter Lake on Saturday morning, where we will engage in the first bit of car-camping I've done in years. I'm used to backpacking. I love backpacking, but the mindset is different. When I'm going backpacking, I throw everything I want to take into a big pile, then cull the herd based on weight and collapsability and absolute necessity. But for this trip, we'll be right next to the car. I'm bringing everything.

We only have our little 3-person tent, so, after deciding that renting from REI wasn't all that, we found ourselves the perfect family-sized tent. It arrived in the mail yesterday. It's this tent. I was in the middle of doing several other things, but I stopped everything when the box arrived, and I set the tent up in the living room. Well, sort of. It's a 3-room tent. I was able to set the main part up, but the thing is larger than our living room. I am giddy. I left the tent up because I thought the girls might want to sleep in it last night.

Not only did they sleep in it, they slept in later than they ever do. That would've been awesome, except I was up at 6 for a bike ride. Too bad they didn't get to sleep in the tent Friday night. I rolled the thing back up this morning, and the pets were very, very sad to see it go. Rex the cat kept diving into the folds. He might still be in there now, come to think of it. I haven't seen him in awhile...


Kevin said...

Is that the Carter Lake out by the old insane asylum them boys busted out of?

LMP said...

Yeah, why do you ask? Anyway, we're going to go make out in the tent while the kids play in the lake.