Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Children don't care about the Geneva Convention

It's been a busy few days. Saturday we all split up, Jeremiah went to his Pork U BBQ class, I went hiking with some of the 3-Dayers and the girls hung out with Crazy Joe and some other folks over on 3rd Ave. Sunday we learned our friends Frank & Kari (which always comes out like "Franknkari" and causes us all to strike our best undead pose with accompanying "grrrr") were in town with their kids. We had an impromptu cook-out. All fun stuff, though we documented none of it on camera, sorry.

Sunday night Sarah didn't sleep. Oh, she did sleep a little, here and there. But mostly she screamed. She seemed fine but yesterday Jeremiah had to go get her from daycare early because she was running a fever of 102. We got that down pretty quickly, and off she went to bed. We worried she'd be up all night again but no, she was only up a few times, it was Kate who was up. Just...up. Reading aloud to herself, chatting away non-stop, thumping around directly above our bed, squirting the entire contents of the tube of greasy eczema steroid cream out all over her bed. All. Night. We tried a dozen different approaches to get her to doze off but to no avail. The last time I looked at the clock while she was chattering away in her room, it was 3:00 in the morning.

Today I stayed home and worked while Sarah acted as my handicap. But now it's not quite 4:00PM and though I'm still trying to work (Sarah, running a slight fever again, has been banished to her crib where she is squawking, but not really screaming, so there she'll stay) but I'm so tired all the numbers are swimming around in front of my eyes and I can't hold my head up anymore. Why on earth did I ever decide to have kids? The dog eats our furniture and other things we care about while we're at work but she has always at least let us sleep. What did we do to deserve this? We were just trying to fulfill our biological imperative to propagate the species! Where did we go wrong?


Farrago_NW said...

Saturday, on a whim, Jude and I drove over to the Oregon coast. Walked on the beach -- it was 65 degrees and breezy. Lucky we brought sweaters! Played roulette (she lost $100, but I won $127).

Then Sunday we had a Bloody Mary brunch and went yard saling. By 6:00 we were so exhausted we weren't even sure whether to start watching Letters from Iwo Jima on DVD -- after all, we had to be at work in just 14 hours and that's, like, a 140 minute movie.

This weekend we've got the grandshits, so I have to get out the slip-n-slide. Glad I've got some weed and watermelon!

sister k said...

i suppose they don't make ambien for peds? maybe she's prepping to work the night shift when she's older ;)

The Plaid Sheep said...

You should check the light fixtures for illicit coffee and sugar.