Friday, August 03, 2007

Tuck in time

Last night the Miami Druekes were in residence for a whirlwind visit while en route to their real vacation in North Carolina. As ever, I was delighted to get to visit with them but I was also certain my popularity with Kate would be greatly diminished. Kate seems to be extra-enamored, for the time-being, of Abigail.

But lo! When Jeremiah came downstairs to the dining room after putting Kate to bed he informed me she'd requested that mommy tuck her in. I gave a moment's thought to giving Abigail a conciliatory embrace, pageant-winner style, before I raced up the steps, failing to look cool. When I got there Kate gave me a big smile and began talking about something that made no sense at all and I remembered that tucking Kate in is a lot like trying to a get drunk friend safely home. She is physically intractable, mumbles a lot through a pacifier (Jeremiah keeps saying we must break her of sleeping with those but I'm more concerned that we break her of pooping in her pants and besides, it's funny to me that she calls them "assifiers"), and when she isn't' mumbling she talks nonsense.

I gave her a kiss on the forehead and a big hug and said "I missed you today while I was at work." She popped the assifier out of her mouth and said "I missed you!". Just as I was beginning to melt she went on to say "and I missed the animals!" What? "And I missed Luga!" Luga is the name Kate gave the Groovy Girl doll Margie got her. When she first announced the doll's name Jeremiah and I both thought she said "Lou Dobbs". Inexplicably, Lou Dobbs comes with her own bed. In the packaging, the bed was literally strapped to the doll's back. What the hell kind of message is Margie trying to send her grand daughter here?!? So, she missed the pets and her slutty doll Lou Dobbs equally to missing me. Still, though, victory was mine. I was doing tuck in.


Farrago_NW said...

I missed Lou Dobbs last night too, but I'll bet he was still talking about immigration and the war on the middle class so I can probably catch up.

sister k said...

now why didn't i think of that invention? sometimes at work when i get so tired i wish i had a bed strapped to my back so i could just get a few zzz's here or there....ah...oh, and at least kate included you first on her list of missed people/things!