Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another anniversary edition

Yes, gentle readers, a full year has elapsed since I posted this. Today is my 7th wedding anniversary. Currently, the love of my life is in the kitchen preparing dinner and washing dishes. He fed Kate & Sarah dinner while I showered and he has said nothing, not even passive aggressively, about the fact that I've spent the majority of this special day working. When last I looked in the kitchen, he and Sarah were both dancing to Bombay II, Electric Vendiaoo.

I've been training every weekend for nearly a year now for the 3-Day and he has patiently done an enormous amount of single dadding while I've been out walking. On Friday I informed him that I'm going to Philadelphia for 2 days next week, leaving him alone with the scary children yet again and he just went with it.

Where did I find this fantastic guy? I found him washing dishes in Bottoms Up Pizza in Richmond, Virginia in 1995. He was growing his hair out from a weird cut and it was in a dramatically awkward stage. He was most likely a little high at the moment. I loved him instantly. I invited him to come have a drink with me at the other restaurant where I worked, The Tobacco Company, because I got a 50% discount on drinks there. He indicated that it seemed like a good idea and then he stood me up. He told me he'd overdone the bong hits and passed out on his couch. I gave him a hard time about this for years until he finally admitted to me that he wasn't home alone on his couch at all that night - he was keeping a friend who was a newly single dad company. Why he went with story A in this case I'll never know, but what a swell fella, huh? Passing up the chance to drink with a chick so his buddy could have some company while navigating the treacherous road of new parent alone!

Since then things have changed for us a bit. We got married. We adopted a dog. We bought a house. We had a kid.

We bought another house.

We had another kid. Where did all that time go? What on earth are we going to do for the next 50 years or so?
All that stuff happened in just 7 years...but it's alright. Even if nothing else ever happens to us, and we just spend our days sitting next to each other on the couch, watching movies and drinking beer, I expect I'll still be deliriously happy.


Boomin' Granny said...

Congratulations on your 7th!!
I'd say you two have accomplished a LOT in 7 years.
It is hard to believe that 2000 was 7 years ago--I can still hear the fireworks whizzing over our heads as your brothers tried to burn the neighborhood down. It was a lovely wedding and produced a wonderful family.

Farrago_NW said...

He went with story A because story B is a cool story until you tell somebody and they put it on the internet. "Did I tell you the story about how I hung out with a dude when he was feeling all vulnerable? I protected him until he could be a man again. Want me to spell his name for you?"

Anyway, happy anniversary. I wholeheartedly endorse the arrangement.


Christopher said...

Jeremiah's Domino's Desert Pizza Mustach has filled in quite nicely. Mine is still thin.

*pab said...

These words make my heart smile!! Congratulations to both of you on seven glorious years. Lots of love and good wishes to you! xxoo

jdrueke said...

I am a VERY lucky man. Who knows, we might even make it to EIGHT years!

RFKeith said...

I wonder which anniversary you'll be celebrating when he discloses Story C; the same as Story B, except it wasn't a dude.

PS to christopher: Give it time, Kevin. It'll fill in. I know so.

Chaotic Joy said...

Hey. I am posting a link to you today so fix your Breat Cancer 3 day button. It doesnt work. :)