Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Pastry Chef

Last Wednesday was Anni's birthday and since she was here at the time we thought it only fitting that we make her a cake and ice cream. Kate wanted to help. She helped considerably with the ice cream. I measured out the ingredients, and Kate dumped them in the bowl. Then she held the beater while we mixed it up. The beater-holding part was a bit nerve-wracking but we pulled through without major incident. Then Kate helped me dump everything into the ice cream maker. Half an hour later, when vanilla ice cream was nearly achieved, Kate performed the quality assurance and announced "Anni, your ice cream's ready for ya!"

Then came the cake. I managed most of that without Kate's able assistance, but she made the buttercream. Evidently, the secret to truly delicious frosting is to make it while stark naked. It should be enjoyed in the same way. Kate applied the sprinkles, artfully I must say, also in the buff. She had to go to bed before we even had dinner, but Anni very kindly said she could have a slice of her cake before bedding down. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Anni and when we'd finished there was a moment when nobody moved. Then Kate said "Ooookay, Anni, go get some plates!" What's left to do but go get some plates?


Anni said...

The cake was amazingly tasty as well!! We can't forget to emphasize that. A wonderful top-off to my last birthday before motherhood. Even better than my dear husband's "I'll have 3 scotches after work with Jeremiah, you know, just to keep him company." Woo-hoo!

The Plaid Sheep said...

Alec would say that everything is better if you do it naked.

Yay birthdays and cake! Happy Birthday Anni!

That cake platter looks very familiar, by the way.

Farrago_NW said...

I took your advice and made a cake in the nude. Quite liberating! I called it a "cak-ed."