Monday, September 10, 2007


So I've been lax for a few days and haven't shared a bit of news regarding our little spawn. I refer you to the very first post of this blog in which I state the the term "daily" is not meant to be taken literally. Anyway, here's a little bit of catch-up for you (no, not ketchup) -

The other day we were driving someplace and, as is usual these days, Sarah was in the back making all manner of exciting noises with her voice. She's discovered it lately and has been enjoying exploring her range and volume as well as playing with how the shape of her mouth makes sounds different. I turned around to watch her, because I think it's cute, and noticed she was singing The Ittsy Bittsy Spider. She was making the spider climb up the water spout, then she made it rain and wash the spider out. By the time the sun came out I shouted excitedly to Jeremiah "She's singing the ittsy bittsy spider!" She stopped, smiling shying at me and waited for me to stop staring at her before she began again. I asked daycare if they sing that song and was informed that they sing it every morning.

Sarah also loves the book Kate got her for her birthday "Busy Doggies" and reads it nightly. She can now tell me, when we get to the "Doggy speaking" page that the doggy says "woof, woof!" I'm very impressed.

Anni is visiting this week while she's a visiting professor at Emory. Kate adores Anni. I will have to get a photo to post of Anni's belly as she is about 28 weeks pregnant and just cute as a button. I am certain I did not manage to pull off pregnancy with such aplomb, not even the first time when I wasn't all worn out from caring for a toddler while being knocked up. We went to the Braves game on Saturday night, here's a photo of us with Rusty, that Rusty swiped from the Braves website. They send photographers around to take a picture of you having fun so you'll go pay some huge amount for a copy of it later, like at amusement parks. Of all the games I've attended, that was my first encounter with one of those. By the way, the Braves crushed the Washington Nationals.

Yesterday we went to brunch at Ria's Bluebird and sat outside near the little fountain that many people have treated like a wishing well. We explained the wishing well concept to Kate, who begged her daddy for some money to make a wish. We watched while she went over and threw her penny in. She came running back over to me, all excited. "I threw my money into the fountain!" she told me. I said "what did you wish for?" Her little eyebrows furrowed and she pursed her mouth thoughtfully then replied "my money back". May she carry that lesson with her forever.


Farrago_NW said...

"My money back"!!! This is a sadder-but-wiser moment to treasure. Reminds me of that Onion headline: "Hooker refuses to take more sex as payment."

RFKeith said...

What does your t-shirt say?

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense

Quote from hot dog vendor regarding this shirt:
"It's a haiku. That's weird" then, to my fairer friend, Anni:
"Your eyes are pretty"

Chaotic Joy said...

Ha! Her money back. How funny.

Love the Haiku T-shirt. I have one too.