Saturday, August 09, 2008


Someone, I think it was her friend Alex but I can't recall because I've temporarily misplaced my list which is why the thank-you notes are so late, got Sarah Pinkalicious for her birthday.Sarah has been slow to warm to the vast library she acquired this birthday, but Kate loves this book. For the uninitiated, the story is about a little girl who bakes pink cupcakes with her mother on a rainy day. She proceeds to eat so many of said cupcakes that she actually turns pink. Her parents panic. She is delighted. When her mother rushes her to the doctor, the doctor tells her she has an acute case of Pinkititis and the only cure is to give up all pink food for a week and instead eat green foods. The message of course, being that she's going to have to give up sweets and instead consume only vegetables for a whole week.

The little girl pretends to eat her dinner of veggies that night but the pink cupcake monkey on her back has her back in the kitchen for a midnight snack of pink, defying her doctor and her parents. The next morning, she wakes up red. Horrified, she parks herself in front of the fridge and eats every green thing she can find in there, which causes her to return to her natural hue.

Kate has insisted on hearing the book at least once a day. I've been telling her that this weekend, if she'd like and if she's very good, we can make pinkalicious cupcakes. Last night as I closed the book I asked Kate if we should make pink cupcakes this weekend. "No, " she replied "we should not make pink cupcakes." I was taken aback. Also, I was slightly disappointed, having already mentally planned how we would go about reconstructing the pink cupcakes from the book. "No," Kate reiterated, "we should make green cupcakes."


FlapScrap said...

Green, pink, whatever. I've found once you go chocolate you don't go back a lot.

LMP said...

Well, that was a short leap from pinkalicious to blacksploitation. Maybe THIS weekend, in honor of both Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac, we'll go with chocolate.

Anonymous said...

i dont no i just stel havnt bin abel to get ovr this lopez thng

Kate said...

Thanks for the recommendation - I thought that you might like to know about the sequel!