Monday, September 22, 2008

Carpet Bagger's Delight - Festival At My Feet

I know I promised to tell you more about why my city is cool and I've been really lax. Here's one of my favorite things about this area - the bevvy of festivals! And better still - many of these festivals are walking distance from my house. The other weekend we skipped swimming and gymnastics so Kate & Sarah could participate in the Tot Trot (read: mommy wanted the Pete the Cat t-shirt you got for registering) at the Beat the Street for Little Feet festival for the Oakhurst Cooperative Pre-School. It was in Harmony Park, a lovely little spot right in the middle of Oakhurst Village designed pro bono by everyone's favorite landscape architect, Kate & Sarah's Uncle Steve.

We made the huge mistake of going to breakfast before the trot and very nearly missed the thing, but the girls got in there just in time to win medals! (OK, everyone got a medal.) There was live music (all kids' songs, but very enjoyable), bubbles, body art, Popsicles, a 5-K for grown-ups, wild animals to pet and all our neighbors to play with. And when it was over, Jeremiah took Sarah home in the car (we were at breakfast so late we didn't have time to park at home and walk the 3/10 of a mile to the park) and Kate and I walked home together. I love those walks. Kate picks up every piece of litter she spies, declaring it nasty and rude. We hold hands and stroll down the sidewalk (in search of a trashcan) and Kate tells me what's on her mind. When we got home, it was just noon; we had the rest of the day to do more stuff!

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What a nice slice of life!