Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kate & Sarah Out-Do Us. Again.

Last Saturday we ditched these two (seen on the left) with their aunt and uncle (so long, suckers!) so we could go paint the town red in honor of our anniversary. We had a lovely time. We hit the Decatur square and it was a gorgeous evening. We failed to make reservations so we were kind of screwed when we showed up for dinner, but we made the best of our 1 hour wait. We meandered across the square and ate a roll of sushi at Sushi Avenue. We then wandered over by the gazebo where a free jazz concert was in session, we twirled a couple times across the space in front of the Atlanta 17, en route back to the restaurant, where our table was still not ready. So we hit Decatur CD. Then we were seated for dinner at the fairly new Cakes & Ale, where we enjoyed spectacular food and outstanding service. Here's an example of the service - when we first arrived, the hostess gave us the bad news about the wait and suggested that we could maybe eat at the bar. Low-blood-sugar-Lisa growled "I don't want to have my romantic anniversary dinner at the bar" and we left for sushi. She heard me, told our waiter it was our anniversary, and when we were seated he bought us each a glass of sparkling white wine (it was good!). We enjoyed our meal, walked in the gorgeous evening to the car we'd purposely parked far away, and headed home, thinking our night could not be beat. That is, until the next morning when we saw the pictures and heard the tale of Kate & Sarah's night. Why they always gotta one-up us?!?

Their friends Catherine, Margaret, Ella and Henry came over. They had a cook-out. Lounged in kid-sized Adirondack chairs, dishing I suppose. They played a little Bocce (doesn't Kate kind of look like Jennifer Aniston in this picture with the bocce ball?)

Next, they built a fire and roasted marshmallows.
Then they made S'mores.

Then, apparently, they went to a rave.
Finally, they hit the tub, glowsticks in hand.

Next time we do this, I at least want my own glowsticks.


Sister K said...

OOOOH....FUN! that's my kind of sat. night :) glow stick baths...what a great idea!

Chaotic Joy said...

What an amazing gift to have someone pamper your girls rotten while you are out for your anniversary! When we sneak out for the night I am always afraid a grandma will forget to feed mine or let them out of their cages. :)

And I agree GLOWSTICKS IN THE TUB! That is some 99 cent awesomeness right there. Happy Anniversary

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

The whole thing reminds me of Lord of the Flies.

LMP said...

OMG, brooklyn, that's exactly what I thought when I saw the pictures of them lighting that huge fire!!! All I can tell you is this - when we got there the next morning, MY kids were the only ones there...

Drunkle Steve said...

You forgot to mention playing Hide-n-Seek in the dark! We didn't get pictures of that because, well, it was dark and they were, you know, all hiding (usually "hiding" all in the same spot, very loudly...but hiding just the same).

The glowstick "Rave" seemed very authentic, except instead of club music they were groovin' to '70s blue eyed soul, and instead of Ecstasy they were all hopped up on marshmallows and chocolate. Otherwise, 'zactly the same.

FlapScrap said...

I like that Henry kid. Considering he's the only little dude at the party, his expression is the perfect mix of awesomeness and lonesomeness.