Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No Idea How This Happened

Somehow, I spawned a cheerleader.

In my day they said "Ready? OK!" and I sat with my friends in the bleachers an mimicked them, and then we went out and got drunk while our football team lost. Again. Now, it seems, they've ramped it up with rhyming and they say "All set? You bet!" It's impossibly cute, but there's a little version of me in the kitchen with us.

She's the button-pusher. When Kate dons her Sleeping Beauty dress and parades around the house Sarah purposely calls her "Sleeping Booty". I'm just going to go ahead and make the most of it now, because I'm terrified of their high school years.

Kate's first game is Saturday. I promise you video footage at some point. You really need to hear her shout "Fired up!" with the little stiff arm action, it's quite something.


karen said...

So, so, so very (very) glad that God, in His infinite wisdom, saw fit to give me boys. I'm looking forward to the video, though, because I do enjoy other people's girls!

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Often during pep rallies held during school hours (yes, my school had bad priorities thus low academic ranking - but damn it we went to State)I would actually opt to stay in homeroom. All by myself.

Ashley Long said...

She is so adorable.

LMP said...

@Karen - I used to think I wanted boys and wouldn't know how to deal with girls, but now I like it. Even with a total girlie girl like Kate!

@Brooklyn - Had I gone to your HS, I'd have hung out with you.

@Ashley - thanks!

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

I know we would hang out. Your daughters are so adorable and I cannot wait to see the video.

The Real Jo Jo said...

I guess Kate takes after Jeremiah.