Saturday, January 17, 2009

Various Updates

Rex is settling in nicely. He hides most of the time, but you can tell he's a Cat of the People. Every time we figure out where he's hiding (usually thanks to Lola who's clearly learned a thing or two from her Pointer cousins), he begins to purr as soon as he hears human voices. Then he is easily coaxed out of hiding with promises of lovin'. He likes to have his belly rubbed, and we can even tug on his paws. These are two moves that would leave you bleeding out on the floor, jugular cleanly severed, if you attempted either on Max. Lola, to our surprise, is terrified of Rex. When first we introduced them she began to shake and whine and refused to leave my side. "What if this cat is the devil?" I staged whispered to Jeremiah but ultimately we agreed Lola is just crazy. Would the devil love to have his belly rubbed? I doubt it; it's not dignified.

Today is Saturday. I used to love Saturdays because they involved long walks with the family, usually into downtown Decatur where we'd end up deciding we needed to get a beer at the Brickstore. Ah, so leisurely. Not so now. Kate has cheerleading (I know, I'll get the video up eventually, I promise) followed by gymnastics and ballet. Sarah has swimming lessons and, at this very moment, stinkbutt. We have to clean the house and make the weekly menu and maybe do the grocery shopping and there is always some reason we have to go to Target. Saturdays are harder than most work days lately. I emit a slightly bitter chuckle as I recall, back when Jeremiah and I were toying with the idea of starting a family, that we listed among our reasons for doing so that "we watch too much TV". And now, I'm off to dunk my youngest under the water repeatedly until she decides it's fun.

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