Sunday, February 08, 2009

A lovely break from winter

I know, it's been over a week since we've spoken, I'm sorry. In fairness to me, I did attempt to upload video of Kate cheering at her first basketball game, but for some reason blogger just isn't having it. We won't give up. Moving on.

This weekend was beautiful. I mean, just stunningly gorgeous please-don't-make-me-go-inside-I-finally-get-Walden-and-all-that-other-transcendental-crap balmy. We got nothing done. The house is a mess, we're out of Sarah's overnight diapers and while the laundry is mostly clean it's just piled up to the ceiling in our bedroom. No one here cares, because we played outside for 2 straight days and it was totally worth it.

Well, most of us played outside the entire time. Jeremiah sacrificed a Saturday afternoon walk while Sarah napped forever. Often she won't nap at all, so you can imagine our chagrin when she passed out cold just as we were about to set out for fun in the sun. Jeremiah said "if you want to take Kate and go..." and I assume he finished the sentence, but I was long gone before he got it all out. We met up with Steve and Joy and walked into downtown Decatur, where Kate had insisted we get a cupcake. Since she'd had cheerleading and gymnastics already that day, I figured a cupcake wouldn't kill her (fine, I wanted a bite. Happy?). We stopped at the gazebo and Kate frolicked with her Aunt Jo Jo in the square while Steve and I basked in the warmth of the sunshine with the dogs.

Nearly home, (Sarah - still sleeping) Kate and I came across a drum circle that had popped up in Harmony Park, just down the street from our house. We had no choice but to stop and listen. Kate kicked off her crocs and danced. All the happy people out with their kids and dogs under the cloudless blue sky, stopped and listened and before you knew it it was a neighborhood party. These sorts of shenanigans are just one of the reasons I love where I live.
That evening Kate and Sarah squealed in a most undignified manner while playing with the game in which an elephant shoots butterflies out of its eerily phallic trunk and the girls try (I use the word loosely here) to catch them in their little nets (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Drueke!).

Today, Jeremiah smoked some ribs and Joy, feeling bad for having taken scores of photos of Kate yesterday (if you're her friend on Facebook you can see them!), shot a bazillion "make-up" photos of Sarah half naked in the driveway (um, Sarah, not Joy. I apologize about the dangling participle). This, gentle readers, was a perfect weekend.

Here's a picture of Jeremiah and Sarah making juice earlier last week just because I think it's cute.


Brooklyn Volunteer said...

We have the same elephant toy. It keeps Irene occupied for awhile.

LMP said...

I wouldn't mind except we have to keep putting all the butterflies back in the elephant and the dang thing only takes about 30 seconds to blow them all out.

jdrueke said...
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jdrueke said...

A very nice weekend indeed, although I take issue with you saying nothing got done around the house. I was not watching TV and eating bon-bons while you and Kate played. Thanks for noticing.

On an unrelated note, am I the only one that likes to hit the "next blog" button on the top of the page? I was sent here and really enjoyed it:

Anonymous said...

i dnt think y shd put pichrs of haf nekkid dnglng particls on yr web

sunglasseshurtmynose said...

ah, Druekes and their "dangling particles".