Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The High Price of Blueberries

Evenings at our house are very, very busy. I get the girls home around 5:30 or 5:45. I immediately begin making dinner for them because they head up to bed at 7:30 (yes, we're Sleep Nazis). On Monday it was our turn to make Monday Night Dinner With Siblings (it used to be Tuesdays but now we're watching the increasingly ridiculous 24 together). So, I began making the girls' dinner, while also making our salad and simultaneously collecting my lunch for the next day. Sarah sat at the kitchen table watching. "What's that?" she indicated the white gloppy stuff I was dumping into a small container. "It's cottage cheese, I'm taking it for my snack tomorrow." She wanted to taste it. I gave her the spoon. "What's that?" she asked, spoon still in mouth, watching me put blueberries in another container. "You know what these are, they're blueberries. I like them with the cottage cheese." "Want some!" she said, forgetting her manners as usual. I took what I wanted and gave her the rest. She began to munch on them while I fetched still another container for my salad.

I noticed, once Sarah, and later Kate, had finished off the blueberries and some cottage cheese they decided they had to have, that Sarah had put a single blueberry in my salad bowl. They got bored with my food prep and went outside to play. I finished everything, fed them and took them upstairs to bathe them.

On Tuesday I was mindlessly munching on my salad while working. I got half way through it and noticed, among the spinach, arugula, red bell pepper, feta (the girls ate some of that, too), etc that there was a lone blueberry. It made me think of Sarah's sweet, little, cottage cheese-covered chin and how I thought the blueberries she was stuffing in her piehole matched her big blue eyes and I smiled and missed her.

Then I had to run to Target to replace their toothbrushes (they were both sick last week). Still aglow with the happy memory of my kid I ended up buying them both new spring outfits. And instead of getting the cheap plain toothbrushes I got Elmo for Sarah and Cinderella for Kate. I love it when they're fun, but their delightfulness is killing my budget.


Anonymous said...

so u fnd saharahs peain yr sald i hoop u got a nu tothbrsh to.

*pab said...

so sweet! Z is getting to that age but, for now, I'm content with him spreading his arms wide to hold my shoulders as he puts his head on my chest when I ask for "hug." And when he subsequently leans forward when I ask to give him a kiss, I melt. Those things generally warrant a new plaything from the $5.00 aisle. xo