Thursday, May 21, 2009

So long, diaper bag

Yesterday was Sarah's third full consecutive day of staying dry in her pull-up so as promised she was allowed to wear her Elmo undies today. I have never seen her more full of herself than when she bounded down the stairs with Elmo on her butt and skidded to a stop in front of me, displaying her new attire. There was much ado made.

Sitting at the breakfast table, chowing down on her current favorite morning grub - hippy-dippy organic honey nut cheerios with vanilla yogurt - she said to Kate "I'm wearing underwear today!" Kate replied "I know, you're such a big girl. Thumbs up!" and as if that wasn't enough to get me through the day, Sarah then turned to her dad and joyfully reported "Kate's proud of me!"

In further news Sarah managed to stay dry in her undies all day, even through nap time. She was telling me, this afternoon, all about how she's a big girl now. Then she decided I should throw her pacifier away. I told her no, that if she's done with that thing (oh please oh please) she needed to throw it away herself. So she did.

She has a back-up, though, and is sleeping with it now. How much can you really expect from just one day?


Jason said...

Well I'm not wearing underwear today, but at least I don't sleep with a binky. Is Kate proud of me? Hope so.

Keith said...

Jason, I don't know you, but I for one am beaming.

LMP said...

I don't if Kate would be all that proud of you, Jason, but I'm betting she'd regard you as a kindred spirit.

Amelia said...

Oh really, that is fantastically wonderful. The sister-supporting-sister thing made me misty. It doesn't get better than that, does it?