Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Residents!

The property just north of the butterfly bushes has been vacant since it was built. A victim of the burst housing bubble, the two lovely homes went up immediately before the recession got really bad. Today, however, we had the distinct pleasure of meeting our new neighbors. A young couple has moved into Sarah House, and we have reason to believe they will have a family soon.

We all enjoyed watching them moving the furniture into their new digs. They're extremely busy today. We didn't offer to help them, we did make some helpful suggestions beginning with "you know what your problem is...", but we might stop by with some bird seed when they seem more settled. No doubt, the feline members of our family will have a lot to say about the new tenants. We let Max and Rex hang out on the screened porch when the weather's nice and this new development has me a little concerned about the safety of the screens. Still, cute birdies!

Not wanting to frighten the birds away, the girls watched the goings on from inside -


The Plaid Sheep said...

That is too sweet. There are crocuses and daffodils coming up here. Very exciting. The park is looking pretty lived in though with many branches down after our freak storm this weekend.

Keith said...

When so much of the worldcis ugly, it is unconscionable for you to horde all that adorability.

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Why doesn't blogger have a like button?

LMP said...

I bought chickadee food yesterday. Then Jeremiah misunderstood me when I told him I bought it, and thought I was asking him to buy some. So now we have 2 giant bags of birdseed. When the birds get too fat to fit in that little hole, I'll post more photos.