Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Week with Sarah

Sarah's in rare form this week. Cases in point:

Kate was showing off how fast she can recite her phone number. She chanted it over and over, while Sarah sat silently by. When Kate paused for a breather Sarah said "Do chickens have phone numbers?"


I told the girls I'd gotten them a surprise but they had to be very good all afternoon to get it. After dinner, when they'd eaten all their veggies, put their plates in the sink and managed not to whine, cry or fight with each other, Kate begged for her surprise while also begging for a post-dinner Girl Scout cookie. Sarah agreed that a cookie was just the thing to top off that "wonderful dinner you made us." Kate really wanted her surprise first. So I acquiesced and made the girls sit tight at the table while I went to get the cute little kaleidoscopes I'd gotten them when I went to buy a birthday gift for another kid. I handed one to each girl with a proud flourish and Kate was instantly enthralled with hers. Before I turned to get the Girl Scout cookies out, I looked at Sarah, who was just staring at me, holding her kaleidoscope. "What do you say?" I prompted. She said "this is not a cookie."

Yesterday. Romping around the kitchen with Kate. Sarah to her sister: Let's play Dead. You start.


Finally, this is currently my favorite bit of Sarah's artwork. She gave it to me yesterday proudly telling me "Mommy this is you when you're ANGRY." Apparently, when I get really mad, my hair curls.


Anonymous said...

I love that drawing. That totally looks like you.

LMP said...

I know, right? She nailed the eyebrows.

Kevin said...

I'm so glad you have kids and a blog. It gives me something to do with my free time other than count my money, sleep in, shroom, or just get in the car and start drivin'.

Jenny T said...

When does she start her Comedy Road Tour "Sarah Unplugged". She may compete with Kathy Griffin someday. She makes me laugh....My belly hurts.