Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Sarah Said to Me While I Was Writing That Last Post

As I sat here tip tap typing away on the keyboard, Sarah twirled about my chair, making up songs. I was enjoying this one:

My parents are both so sweet,
they give me lots of kisses,
even when I am very bad.

I should mention here that last night, Sarah was very bad.

When I commented that her song was nice she stopped her dance and said "Mommy I like you so much today" while patting me on the arm and looking sweetly into my face. She stopped patting, but continued gazing, while she followed up with "Yesterday I didn't like you at all."


The Real Jo Jo said...

Well, yesterday, I was ready to feed Sarah to the wolves.

LMP said...

I actually tried that, but our only available wolf just likes to lick and snuggle. His wild ancestors would be appalled.