Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lydia Oh Lydia, Say Have You Met Lydia?

The weekend lovefest with Veronica and sometimes Jake, too, convinced us that Monkey really, really needs a friend. Someone to get up to shenanigans with while we're at work. So, we got him one. Today we trekked back to Madison to meet a few of the litter of 9 pups whose mama is a golden retriever/yellow lab mix. We met at the home of a woman who offers housing to many of the rescued pups for the Companion Animal Rescue, Inc. In addition to space for the rescue dogs to bed down, run and play, she has at least 4 of her own dogs, llamas, emus, pheasants, chickens, turkeys, burrows, ponies, a horse, some goats, a sheep and probably something I've forgotten. It was fun. Monkey got to play with the puppies, and we took home the one that seemed to fawn over him the most. This is Lydia. When we got her here, we hadn't had time to go to the pet store yet. Jeremiah plopped Monkey's favorite toy in front of her and we held our breath a little. Monkey seemed unperturbed, but the real cuteness came when Lydia lost interest, found her way to my lap, and Monkey brought the toy over to us and dropped it in front of Lydia. She brings balance to the household. Two adults, two little girls, two cats...finally, two dogs. We have lost our minds. Here are some photos of the day for your enjoyment. I am. Tired.

How horrific would it be if this shot of Sarah were with zombies instead of puppies?

Monkey insists upon riding safely. Fetch him his driving gloves and goggles, we're heading into town.

I realize there are very few actual puppy shots here. I'm amassing them, not to worry. I'll post more this weekend.

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