Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Never Kiss Your Honey When Your Nose Is Runny. You May Think It's Funny But It's Snot

Grown-up bedtime. I can't sleep unless I've checked on the girls - kissed both their sweet heads and admired how angelic they seem when they're sound asleep.

Tonight I tiptoed into their room (yes, I'm aware of how creepy this will be when I'm still doing it when they're 14 and 16, whatever.) and listened to their noisy sleep-breathing. I bent over Kate, tucked in to her chin, still wearing her headband, and gave her a little peck on the head. Then I gingerly worked my way through the minefield of a bedroom to Sarah's bedside, where I admired her round little cheeks in the glow of the nightlight. I kissed her on the head, then laughed a little when I noticed the thin line of drool down her chin. I gently brushed it away with my finger. It was then I realized. That's not drool.

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