Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Bunch of Photos

I know it's been awhile, but after the high excitement of puppy adoption, December devolved into a series of illnesses and holidays. Those are two things you just don't want together. We would've given the sickness a miss entirely, but it wasn't up to us, turns out. We managed to have a nice time, including fun visits with family, but there wasn't a whole lot of photo-taking happening. Here's a bunch of random shots to sort of catch you up. I'll try to be better about this, but today I don't have a lot of time because there is a winter storm of epic proportions careening into town. It will probably be our End. The weather report shows a red "!" next to "severe" and a 100% chance of precipitation beginning tonight and promising to ruin any plans of productivity we have had for Monday, so we'll need to go fight our neighbors for the last of the bread and milk in town.

We saw REAL mermaids at the aquarium! They were just swimming around in there with all the other fish and some SCUBA divers.

While I took the girls to do that with some friends of ours, Jeremiah took the pets to the vet. Apparently that wore them all out.

Santa Claus sent video messages to both Kate and Sarah. He showed them each around different parts of his campus and talked directly to them about their behavior and what the elves might be working on for them. Here's Sarah watching hers for the 6th time:

Then, of course, Santa did come. And he ate all the cookies! The shot of the girls on the couch in the TV room is for their Aunt Jude. They are playing with their new fairy dolls and watching their new fairy movie. In fact, they were so into that gift from Oregon, they couldn't take a moment to actually talk on the phone with Aunt Jude or Uncle Kevin. "Can't talk. TV."

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jennifer said...

love the pink cowboy boots - want them in purple :)