Friday, January 14, 2011

Icing, Sweetness

This is our 5th snow (well, ice really) day in a row. When I saw, yesterday afternoon, that they'd already closed schools for today I begged Jeremiah to take the kids today. More to the point, I foisted them upon him and insinuated that if he didn't take them I was just going to leave them home alone while I ran (slid) screaming through the streets of Decatur.

So today he took the kids, their play tent, my iPad loaded with movies and various books to his office with him. I was elated to leave the house and go to my office. Cabin fever does strange things to a person. Nearly a week of trying to work at home with little kids running around squealing and often fighting resulted in some less than ideal mothering from me. Just when I was feeling relieved to have a kid-free day to get some work done, I received this scan from Jeremiah:

Now I miss my squealing, fighting children.

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