Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Storm

We knew this storm was coming for a couple days. Weather.com showed a 100% of precipitation on Sunday night, with actual accumulation of snow, turning into sleet and freezing rain (I still cannot explain the difference between those two things). It showed up on schedule an dumped a lot of snow on us and, as promised, a lot of ice. At first it was beautiful, but now we're 2 days into it, the temperature won't get above freezing, and there's no sand, salt or plows. Our roads are sheets of ice and after 2 days of trying to work with everyone home and everyone a little twitchy and stir-crazy, I'm ready to go back to my office. I miss my office.

Still, we did take a lunch break today and slide our way over to the park for some sledding, which we did on an inflatable pool chair that happened to be in the park. Happily, we ran into our next door neighbors, Charlie, Allison and Aiden, who'd come with their snow board. We sat on it and whipped down the tiny hill available to us there, and it was fun. Then we headed over to the coffee shop, making a stop along the way to bring Rusty and Jennifer out of their house, for hot cocoa. The entire neighborhood was there. The streets were teeming with people out walking, often dragging children along in makeshift sleds (garbage can tops, other large hunks of plastic they found lying around), because no one here actually owns a sled. Except that one family. We all paused and watched in awe as they sledded by us in style. It was fun, but now I'm ready for this stuff to melt. It's not going to, though. Not until Friday. I hope it doesn't get all The Shining up in here.

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