Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fightin' for Your Rights, In Your Satin Tights...

Last weekend was a busy one. Saturday was downright hot, just a hint of what's yet to come. We spent all of it outside. We walked to the farmer's market in the morning. Then, after a tiny bit of clean-up in our own garden, we hit the Botanical Garden. The tulips were all in full bloom, but the girls were more fascinated by the frogs and tadpoles.

Sunday was a good 20 degrees cooler and gray. So, it was a perfect day to hit the Zap! Bam! Pow! exhibit at the Breman. They were showing the pilot episode of Wonder Woman at 2:00, so we met our friends Kim & Jerry and their offspring, Alexia and Simone, for a campy viewing. It's 4 days later, and the kids have not stopped pretending to be Wonder Woman yet. All we have to say to either of them is "Quick, Wonder Woman! Bullets and bracelets!" and they strike the pose seen here. It reminded me of how, when I was just a wee lass, I liked to put on my Wonder Woman Underoos, sit in the spinny barstool at the kitchen bar, twirl until I felt a little sick, then burst forth to dizzily make the kitchen safe for democracy! Usually, after all the spinning, I just went and laid down on the couch in the family room and watched the ceiling spin. I don't know how Wonder Woman took out all those Nazi sympathizers with her inner ear fluid sloshing around; she really was a wonder.

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Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Always love reading the blog. I did the exact same thing for Wonder Woman. I also make wrist bracelets from paper cups. I then would tear off the bottom and wear them all day.