Thursday, March 10, 2011

Progress Report

Kate and her asthma are coming along. We're treating her with pharmaceuticals and homeopathic remedies and chiropractic care and tender loving care and if one of those doesn't take I give up. Her blood test came back from the allergist earlier this week. She shows enough antigens in her blood to be considered highly allergic to cats and dogs. A blow to the home team, no doubt, but we haven't even met with that doctor yet, so we will discuss this with her on the 25th of this month. We told Kate that since we have 4 pets and only one of her, we'll probably just get rid of her. I think she knew we were kidding.

In more upbeat news, the seeds the girls and I planted the weekend before last are looking like this right now!
I'm going to move those sugar snap peas and probably a couple of the basil plants to slightly bigger pots this weekend...and then maybe plant more seeds. We've had to move the bathroom step stool into the guest room, where these plants are hanging out under their grow lamp, so the girls can climb up and see them several times a day.

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