Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Day Off

6:30AM - Up and at `em! Head out on the new bike route to Grant Park that is very hard, but very satisfying.
7:30 - Forage.
8:20 - Walk to downtown Decatur for the weekly family adjustment and the market, where we learn there's a "Green Festival" on the square in the afternoon.
10:55 - Arrive home, dump market goodies on the kitchen table (eat one of the strawberries), turn around and head over to the ground breaking of the East Lake Community Learning Garden. Say hello to the goats, and all the people, too. Also, hit the East Lake Farmer's (ELF) Market. Chat with the new vendor who is selling Alpaca Llama wool and yarn. Sniff soaps. Buy more fresh veggies.
12:00 - Head out into the yard with the dogs (and the kids, but they keep disappearing) and begin to till what will be a walkway and a new shade garden.
12:37 - Figure out how to take most of the tiller apart in order to remove firmly wedged in rock.
1:00 - Back to tilling
3:45 - The husband and children, who left me to do "some very boring shopping" return and I finally stop tilling (and removing rocks from the tiller) so we can hit that Green Festival.
4:00 - Visit with neighbors who are also getting their Green on, surreptitiously purchase a couple birthday gifts for the girls, stand around in the hottest part of the plaza while the girls get their faces painted, meet the neighbors of neighbors. Reflect upon the awesomeness of our little community.
5:30 - Head home, hungry. Vacuum master bathroom because - gross. Wash bedsheets for the same reason.
7:00 - Finally showered, eat dinner. Clean kitchen, give girls Reiki. Begin to fade. Make bed.
8:48 - Finish little blog post about my relaxing day off. Contemplate an early bedtime...

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