Sunday, May 08, 2011

Oh, And a Few Things Kate Said

We usually walk to places like Sweet Melissa's but this morning I was hella-hungry and I wanted to get back to the yard to start moving rocks and sacrificing venomous spiders, so we drove there. On the way, Kate took out the little panda notepad and pen I'd gotten her at the zoo on Friday and began to take our orders.
Kate: Sarah, will you be having pancakes?
Sarah: Yes! And sausage
Kate: OK, how do you spell 'pancakes'
Me: It's a compound word...
Kate: Oh right, right right. Mommy, for you?
Me: I will have some eggs, and I'd like some coffee to drink
Kate: OK. Daddy?
Jeremiah: I'd like juevos rancheros.
Kate: do you'll be having French toast.

Kate comes from a long line of proudly ineffective wait staff.

While at the restaurant, the subject of math came up. I began to explain that we need math for pretty much everything we do. "Without math," I was saying "this building wouldn't stand up around us, these chairs wouldn't hold us and this table wouldn't be right, either." Kate nodded at me, looking serious and then began to look around her. "And without math, " I continued "we wouldn't have a working car to get us here..." to which Kate replied, "we'd have to walk, like poor people."

Later, this very same day, we were having dinner. Kate had a fit of sweetness and gave me a biiiiiig hug and a kiss. She said "this has been the best Mother's Day! Even with you." Not sure what she meant by that, but I definitely feel loved.

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Kevin said...

"This is the best you deserve on Mother's Day!"