Sunday, May 08, 2011

Movin' Rocks like a Muthuh

Mother's Day around here is primarily about breakfast, which is awesome. I was greeted, still in bed, by my very excited children, who handed me gifts! And Jeremiah got me a copy of Tina Fey's Bossypants along with some of the best chocolate I've ever tasted, and we all headed to Sweet Melissa's for grub. Then, I got the gift I requested - I was left alone to work in the yard. I built a walkway! I also tilled the living daylights out of the space that will be my next shade garden. Someday. For now, I have a new walkway that leads to nowhere, but is cool-looking. The kids love it. Kate ran up and down it roughly 100 times, to break it in.

To build said walkway, after all of yesterday's tilling, I moved gigantic rocks from one side of my yard to another. I met a black widow spider who was very nearly 70's B-flick horror movie sized. That was the 3rd one I've encountered in the past few weeks; they've increased in size exponentially with each meeting, so I'm getting nervous now. Then, shortly after I, very apologetically, murdered the black widow (I'd have let her live, but I have retarded dogs and curious children and a rock pile seems hard for either to resist), I met a brown recluse. I kid you not. We stared at each other for quite awhile and there was the little fiddle on its thorax. I used to confuse the word thorax with Lorax. Very different. Anyway, I tried to take her out, too, but she made a break for it and now I'm wondering if spiders have the capacity for vengefulness.

Finally, I showered and everyone was relieved. I headed out with the girls to a fairy birthday party for their friend Alexia at the Community Garden, while Jeremiah mulched my walkway for me. Cedar. Take that, weird little yellow and brown moth infestation! The party was very cute. The kids had their faces painted for the second day in a row. Yeah, it's like that here.


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I cannot stop laughing at that. Really, it's probably going to cause me to wreck the car on the way home.