Thursday, March 22, 2012

Poetry - The Place Where Kate & Sarah Are Friends

Today when I picked the girls up from school Kate shared a new poem with me. I read it out loud to the both, and Sarah gave Kate a big hug. Currently, they are downstairs screaming at each other. Here is Kate's new work of literature (this is an exact copy, so the spelling is hers. I can't really complain; her spelling is infinitely better than mine was at her age.)

Sisters sisters always fighting.
Some love and some fight.
Some do a little bit of both.
Like me and my sister.
My sister is the sweetest
sister to ever live. She is
the prettyest of the most pretty of all. She is the
most loveing. I love her
even though we fight
sometimes. We still love
each other very much.

[Stick figure of Sarah with a giant bow in her hair not shown here]

The poet.


Anonymous said...

We need to frame that one.

Rusty Smith said...

hmmmm. I am gonna have to copy and paste that into Word. I can't find any mispellings on my own.

Except that it appears that I have mispelled "mispellings..."