Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Sun Came Out

This morning the girls are bickering, screaming and slamming doors. I can't seem to get them to stay outside. It's beautiful out there, so perhaps I'll go play outside, and they can stay in here and declare each other "the worst". Meanwhile, to remind myself that they're usually a fun addition to the house I'm recalling just a couple days ago. A cloud of sweetness descended upon them both while we were at the chiropractor. Kate made up this poem about her sister -
There was a girl named Sarah,
who was very sweet.
Once, she did something so sweet,
that God smiled so brightly,
the sun came out.
She recited this during her adjustment and then again to Sarah, who embraced her sister with a warm hug. Then, they played without a terse word between them until bedtime, when they managed to brush their teeth without getting toothpaste on every surface of the bathroom. Yes, there are days like those, too. I had to write it down, because sometimes they're hard to recall.


Kevin said...

I remember when I was that age and wrote poems about you. For example:

Four healthy lads, what a stable stunt!
To be followed by such a wretched runt!
Fourth down and eight, the prudent punt!
What else can one do with a country lass?


LMP said...

DON'T kick the baby