Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter 2012

The Easter Bunny delivered around 10PM last night.  He showed up with his friend, the Tooth Fairy.  We had just settled into bed and were about to turn out the lights when I heard voices from upstairs.  The previously passed out children, it seemed, we no longer in that state.  Indeed, this became clear as Sarah appeared in our bedroom, outstretched arm displaying her basket full of goodies.  We could tell she was very sleepy, she was a bit out of it.  We explained it was the middle of the night and she said "but Kate said it's the morning!"  We sent her back upstairs, then Jeremiah went up to see if they were actually bedding down.  They weren't.  Kate was just standing beside her bed, eating chocolate.  Evidently they did go to sleep, but not for long.  They were back up before the dawn, in our room, eating jelly beans.  Throughout the day, there have been a few brief pauses between candy-eating sessions.
The gang

Lenora & Charles with newly engaged Lindsey
We, of course, continued our tradition of the egg hunt on Third Avenue.  This year, it was much cooler out than it's been in the past few, and the candy was considerably less melty when the kids found it.  Nevertheless, faces, hands, clothing, parts of the sidewalk and plants and some of us adults were smeared with chocolately goodness.  At one point, Sarah came and leaned up against me and said she felt sick.  This was only temporary, and she managed to find and consume the contents of many more eggs before all was said and done.

The hyperactivity reached a somewhat startling level, causing me to feel exhausted despite my doing practically nothing.  Well, I mean, I stood around drinking wine and talking.  That's pretty tiring.  So it's no wonder that as the girls are snuggling in for their bedtime stories, I'm wondering if maybe I should just go to bed, too. 

Wow, the new photo editor for Blogger makes me feel violent.

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